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What is Oh So Hero?

Oh So Hero! It is an attractive, intimate Sextroidvania game that is about to make a massive entry into the world of adult entertainment sports online. The game already has many interested players waiting for it who want to know all about how this game works and how to make the most of it! 

Multiple furry characters, lewd 2D graphics, and the challenging interface are worth the hype to make it one of the best Metroidvania conceptions of our times. Like most of these games, Oh So Hero! It is a package of positive emotions with exciting moments of combat and surprising twists that give you just the right body of dopamine to strike a balance between feeling like a hero on the streets and a hero in bed!

Features of Oh So Hero Game

Complex Anthropomorphic Characters With Unique Personalities: 

With all characters combined, there are easily 50 different furries available in the game that Joe encounters at one point or another. 

These naked eye candies have unique personalities and engage with Joe in unique ways to strike his Lust Meter and help him get hold of some special attack powers. Several memorable dialogues occur before and after each combat session to bring emotional spice to the experience.

2D – 3D Alluring Interface: 

The retro pixel graphical interface uses both 2D and 3D elements to create a bright and vibrant landscape upon which the characters interact. Each of the 12 backgrounds has its unique tools and features. 

Even the trees, houses, shores, etc, involved in the game have been designed with great detail to add complex elements like cliffs, rivers, etc, which Joe must cross.

High-Speed Combat Blended With RPG-Style Scenes: 

Fight scenes in the game are numerals, and not only do you push back the enemies, but you also get to protect victims and form connections with them as you move forward in the game. 

Gorgeous graphics accompany the dialogue scenes as well as the detailed scenes of intimacy. Feel the hot, attractive characters download lewd images throughout the game and earn points while doing so.

Unlimited Naked Furry Friends: 

There are unending instances throughout the game when you come in contact with your furry partners and enemies. 

Unlike other games, they are now set limits or scenes within which you must keep your sexual advances contained; instead, you can engage in sexy activities an infinite number of times and realize all your fantasies in a single game.  

Easy, Retro-inspired Controls: 

The game can be played on your phone and PC. Keyboard controls are the easiest way to successfully launch Joe’s character and maintain his stamina and strength throughout the game. If you are playing on the phone, you can do the same using on-screen controls that will only take a few seconds to learn!

How To Play Oh So Hero?

The Oh So Hero! Developers have already introduced the main structure to the game, although many exciting additions to the walkthrough are yet to be made. It is rude that the creators have yet to develop NPC characters and representative scenes intended to make the game more complex.

  • The main protagonist is Joe, a blue furry character with a lucrative pair of red shorts and red goggles to match. He competes with 12 other characters, both in combat and insects, to win the game. 
  • At the same time, he is also protecting victims from invaders, Daku members who are harassing the spectators, as well as some of the contestants.
  • Joe starts the game with 150 Health Points, lost every time the character gets hit or grappled. The worst is the 100% lust grapple, a few of which can instantly turn his stamina to 0!
  • Joe starts with 10 Special Points that are used in special attacks. One of these is the Crescent Moon Special. Joe can earn new SP by having sex with the enemies.
  • Every successful fight will get Joe some Zennies, which are virtual money, to gain advances in the game.
  • The Lust Meter gets triggered at both ends, i.e., 0 as well as 100%, and Joe must work it off by engaging in some fun activities with the other sexy characters!
  • Some sexy characters, not only Haya, Amaru, and Gatis, were among the competitors, but also Kaylee, Bryce, K.Ren, etc, from among the 30 spectators throughout the different levels.
  • The most intriguing characters are Francis and Isadora, and Joe must interact with them to have the best experiences in the game.
  • The game has been well designed regarding location and abilities, with 12 different landscapes where Joe will find himself. These are the Sheo Islands Beach, Treewish Forest, Southeast Beach, Cas’ House, Brask’s Jungle, Brask’s Palace, Forbidden Bayou, Hiroto Dojo, Smol Beach, and Lood City.

Download Oh So Hero on Windows, Android, and MacOS

Are you happy with the fantastic concept? Add Oh So Hero! to your list and prepare to download them in the following ways.

Method 1

  • Go on the itch.io website and navigate to the Oh So Hero! page.
  • Go through the exciting graphics and textual details on this web page to understand what to expect from the game.
  • Scroll down below and locate the Download Now button.
  • Next to this button, you will find a slot to enter the amount you are willing to pay for the game. 
  • Once your payment gets approved, click on the Download Now button.
  • Once the content is loaded on your computer, Right-click or Long Press on the APK file to extract the app.
  • Now open the app to start playing.

Method 2

  • Go to the Oh So Hero! Patreon website.
  • The Full Frontal Frog membership comes in 4 tiers – at 2 USD, 7 USD, 10 USD, or 20 USD a month. 
  • Choose the membership tier of your choice and click on the Join button.
  • Complete your payment transaction and create a log in password.
  • Now refresh the page and complete your login with Full Frontal. Frog.
  • Click on the Download Button.
  • Wait for the app to get installed on your Android, Windows, or Mac OS.
  • Double-click on the app icon to start the game.

Game Interface

Oh So Hero Interface
Oh So Hero Interface
Oh So Hero Interface 3